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If you don’t know, beside this blog I also have a decent social media presence. (This post if you didn’t see it) One of my favorite social outlets is my YouTube Channel. The videos in all my posts originate from my YouTube, but if you have yet to experience my antics on video, then are you missing out. I am what you might call a hot mess. I love to craft, especially using Chalk Couture products, but I am unapologetic about my methods. Rolling with the happy accidents and mistakes are the name of the game during live videos, which is what I usually do. (You can always catch a replay) And through every spill, trip, or utter fail, I think you will love my videos and should even learn something from them. I even mention occasional special offers and such. You could be one of the first ten thousand to subscribe! I’d love to leap over 10K before October. It’s easy to subscribe.

When you get to my YouTube Channel, craftinandstampin, you should see a red subscribe box on the right, kinda like the pic below where it’s circled in green.

Once you subscribe, you can go into your notification settings and change it so that you are notified when I go live, so you don’t miss one minute of the fun!

Hope to see you on YouTube. Make sure you say hi when you pop in to see my live.

Stay Safe and Chalk On,


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