Sugar Cookies Transfer from the Vault

It’s the official aroma of Valentine’s Day. It’s a Classroom party staple. It’s a quick go to for that potluck you got invited to yesterday. It’s Sugar Cookies. And we love them all like a fat kid loves cake.

Wanna know how to show your sugar cookie love in your home decor? Recently, Chalk Couture opened the Vault and reintroduced some of the most sought after transfers that retired. Sugar Cookies was one of them and I’m so stoked! The kitchen will be ready to bake with this actual recipe to follow in all it’s chalky glory right on the wall. Thing to note: as a from-the- Vault transfer, it’s in limited quantity, so don’t delay, if you want it, get it ASAP.

This is a big size E transfer is a project but so worth it. Check this out.

Pretty great, right? Since this is me jumping in the sorta wayback machine, some of the colors are no longer available, but fear not. I have suggestions for you to substitute colors. Use Almond instead of Custard, Iced coffee instead of Sand, Couture Teal for Caribbean, Sage for Lilac, Peachy Keen for Peach, and Storm for Elephant.

Check out the video below to see how I made this fantastic project.


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