Happy Holidays from Chalking With Jessica!

May your creations bring you joy.

May your projects not annoy.

May your transfers stay sticky.

May your chalk paste not be coy

May you be generally happy and free of strife

and May you find success in chalk and in life.

Happiness and Joy to you and yours during this festive holiday season. Here’s hoping for a fantastic New Year full of kindness, success and chalky fun!

Peace on Earth Dove transfer on Chalkboard Globe

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At some point in time, I picked up this chalkboard globe by American Crafts. (It’s been a while so much so that I forgot why) How about a little world peace?

The Globe. Kinda cool, huh? Get it here.

Okay, I just happen to have the perfect design. It’s the Peace on Earth Dove transfer. This will also be a teaching moment for you friends as I tackle the sometimes tricky task of chalking on a rounded surface. I think it turned out great and I can see it as a nice decor addition, like a table centerpiece perhaps?

I used Shimmer Red, Shimmer Gold, and Meadow Chalk Pastes. I also used the Fuzzing Towel, Self Healing Mat, Transfer Trimmers, Fine Mist Sprayer, Stir Sticks, Mini Squeegee.

Check out the video below to see how I created this project.