Takeout is My Favorite Recipe Transfer is a Tasty Design You Need in your home.

Who doesn’t like takeout. We have some fantastic places to go here in south jersey. Our Philly cheesesteak and pizza game is tops. We are right around the corner from the famous steak place Donkey’s. And I never miss an opportunity to get me some Manco pizza when I’m anywhere near Ocean CIty. Of course there’s always my other faves, PF Changs and Panda Express. One of the challenges I see is the excessive amount of takeout menus. I know I could just look it up online, but locally it is so much easier to just have that menu handy to whip out and order away. I found a real easy and good looking solution and that is the Takeout transfer chalked on a card holder for my tabletop. It’s a quick 5 minute craft that is functional and fabulous.

The Parts

I don’t even remember where I got this desk organizer thing I’m going to use, but it was probably TarJay or the Buck Twenty Five Store. Anywho, I also got cut outs of my transfer at this cool store on Etsy called Stencil Wood Cuts Shop. It will give it a little extra pizazz. Who doesn’t like 3D?

How I Did It

All I did was chalk right on the cut outs I got. That’s it. I started with black over the whole piece, then went over the second piece with white. I chalked the noodles and sticks with gold. Dry the pieces and then glue on.

That’s a wrap! (sorry I had to) You can get this transfer in my store by going here.

Stay safe and Chalk On!

Jessica Wilson


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