The Church of Bullseye, My Target Haul and Chalk Couture

I’ve been a member forever. The Church of Bullseye. It’s for those of us that buy out Bullseye’s Playground, which sounds so much better than the Dollar Spot, at Target. That section of Target right as you enter that sucks you in with the galactic strength of a supermassive black hole. That one. It’s filled with all sorts of fun, and sometimes even useful, items, tchotchkes, and stuff. If you’re a crafter, you definitely can’t pass it by. So much stuff. So much potential.

My biggest reason for attending the Church of Bullseye? Chalk Couture. There are so many possibilities; for surfaces, for staging, for fun! My most recent attendance in the Church was quite an experience. You can check out the full service in the video below, but, praise be!, I found the best piece for the new November Club Couture transfer! The cutest wooden sled.

Awwww… isn’t it just too cute?!?
The Finished Product.

So join me. Become a member of the Church of Bullseye. The only thing that will regret it is your budget. You can also join me in Chalk Couture and have fun creating and even earn money doing it. Wanna learn more about that? Go here for US residents, here for Canadian residents.

Here are a couple of videos for you to check out. One is my live visit to the Church of Bullseye and the other is how I made the sled above.


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