The Fine Mist Sprayer and Why You Need It.

Ah, the Fine Mist Sprayer. A thing of beauty in both form and function. “It’s a spray bottle, big deal” you say? Well I think it’s more than that and here are a few reasons why you should own one.

chalk couture fine mist sprayer

This is a FINE MIST sprayer. Not a spray bottle, that you may or may not get a steady stream from. Or that will come out like a rocket and with enough backsplash to drench you with shower-like force. Nope. Not fun. Just get one of these and you’ll have a nice fine mist to work with.

It’s great for cleaning your chalk stuff. One thing I must stress is the use of distilled water. There’s no extra God-knows-what in that water as opposed to your tap water. It’s pure so your transfers and surfaces will be safe. Use distilled water to prep, remove, and clean chalk paste on reusable Chalk Couture™ surfaces. A little fine mist spray and a good board eraser go a long way.

You can better control the amount of water you need to freshen up your paste. Just spray distilled water into paste and stir for desired consistency. It occasionally happens that tap water will, for whatever reason, introduce mold into your chalk paste. Blech! No one wants or needs that.

And finally, feeling a little warm? Hot flash got you down? Just give yourself a little spritz and you’ll be good as new. Who can do that with a regular spray bottle?

Well there’s my tip. The fine mist sprayer is a great tool to add to your chalking arsenal.

Stay safe and Chalk on


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