The Many Faces of Jessica

Hi all. It’s Jessica’s trusty assistant, Madelynne. Just popping in here to share something with you guys.

Part of my job is behind the scenes marketing activities. In doing this, I find myself referring to all her social media, but mostly youtube. And I’ve discovered something… Jessica is quite expressive and youtube captures it in fabulous style. There is a preview generated for each video and a lot of the time, they are downright hysterical. I didn’t even have to try, youtube did it for me. Let’s begin our journey through the many faces of Jessica.

The Jess We Love

So here we have Jessica as we know and love. A happy smiling face that just says Hi! It’s a wonderful day!

But then there’s others, like

Jazz Hands Jess

“Hi everyone! I’m just gonna put my hands in the air, cos I just don’t care” This is a favorite and is a go to for her even with special guests.

Don’t you just hear that “HEeeyyy everyone!!” A relative to the Jazz Hands is the

Bitch, Please Face

This one doesn’t happen too much, on camera at least, but it’s a reminder that Jess is unafraid and unapologetic about her skill and success with Chalk. It’s the,”I’ve done it. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learned from them” attitude that we all know and love and by which we are inspired.

An offshoot of the Bitch, Please is the No Excuses Face.

No Excuses face is like, “I don’t wanna hear it. You can do it”

Catalog Launch Face

This is a fun one, full of enthusiasm and excitement. “You will get this Catalog. You will love it and you will spend your last dime buying all the things. If you don’t, well, you’re just dead inside.”

This is a good one, although I don’t think there’s any truth to it ?.

Okay, I may have doctored this one a little. But, really how could I not? (Grace Slick made me do it.)

The Pointing

Not necessarily a face, but a common gesture with Jess is the Point.

It’s not a rude point, but an emphasis point. The best one being the Stab The Button Point. It’s like this:

Stab. Those. Buttons. Like, share and subscribe. Do it. DO IT!!! (Shh. Don’t tell her she’s pointing at the wrong side of the screen)

Target Haul Face

This one is always the same. Joy and Glee like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. Almost as much as the New Catalog face, it says “Get to your closest Target, romp in Bullseye’s Playground and clear those shelves. Leave NOTHING behind! YOU get a tiered tray. And YOU get a tiered tray! You ALL get a tiered tray!!! Bwahahahahaaaaa!”

Surprised Face

Next we have the surprised face. Sometimes a goosed from behind kind of face. Sometimes an OMG what just happened face. I’d love to see the spider dropped from the ceiling face. It would probably fit here.

Now some quick ones, like the Haven’t Slept In Days Face. As busy as she is, I’m surprised there aren’t more of these. (But I’m glad for that ?)

Then there’s the Rabbit Face. This kills me cos all I see is one of those Easter Bunny Costumes. I’m guessing Jess was gonna say Flamingo, and hilarity ensued with this pic.

Next is the Grrrrr Face. I don’t know what brought this on but I’m scared.

And, finally, my favorite, the, well not sure what to call it. It is, however, awesome. Fist Pump? Waving across the room? Something else that I hesitate to write here?

I’m sure there will be more Faces at some point. Maybe even a blooper reel?


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