The Right Tools for the Job: Chalk Couture Accessories

I am of the mind that you should have the right tool for the job you’re doing, and that includes crafting. There are Chalk Couture accessories that are essential to own to do your best chalking. A web designer wouldn’t use a manual typewriter to create a webpage. A lumberjack wouldn’t use an axe when there is a chainsaw handy. You wouldn’t use a pair of scissors when you can use a Cricut for intricate cutting. The right tool is important for accuracy, ease of work and a clean finish.

I am often asked about Chalk Couture accessories and their value. I’m here to tell you that they are ALL valuable and must haves for your Chalking arsenal. I could write a lengthy article about each tool, but instead, I encourage you to check out my video on the subject of Chalk Couture Tools.

Hope you enjoyed the video and learned something useful. If want want to add any or all of these tools to your craft arsenal, check them out here.

Stay safe and chalk on!


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