Throwback Thursday Loveliest Smile transfer on Target Haul item.

So I am, for the most part, a buy it when I see it kinda girl. Which, in turn I guess, makes me a hoarder. It’s a blessing and a curse, I can tell you that. The worst is not being able to find something you know you have. “Gaahhh, I really want to chalk on that farmhouse-y trivet tray I bought 3 years ago, but where the frickety-frack did I put it?!?”

The best, however, is when you know you have the perfect piece for a design AND you know where said piece actually is stored; and this was one of those times! I had this cute black wooden tombstone with a base that I got during a Target haul last year I think. And the loveliest smile transfer fit perfectly on it, so there we go – a quick easy project. I also brought out some seasonal ribbon and a wheat pick to embellish. It’s a sweet little project, I think.

Check out the video below to see how I made this project. Head to my store to grab the neat Loveliest Smile transfer.

Stay safe and chalk on!


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