Tip and Trick Tuesday: Alternate uses for holiday chalk transfers.

It’s Tip & Trick Tuesday. Every Tuesday, I will try and make you aware of a useful tip or trick you might not know about to help you make the best of your Chalk Couture products. It might be about an accessory, or chalk or surface… whatever gem of wisdom and experience my little heart desires to impart to you.

This week we’re talking about how you can think outside the box and use your transfers in a new way or combine elements of different transfers in one design.

Tip & Trick Tuesday

So I’m Baaaaaack! I had such a fantastic time at the Chalk Couture Leadership conference. I truly work with so many inspiring people.

Here’s a pic of my Crafty Chalkers that were at the conference. Notice the coats needed in Arizona. Forties in Arizona while I was there…grr.

What a fine bunch of leaders I have. Here are just some of the 96 leaders in my team that attended. My team is strong and I foresee a fantastic year on the way. (Wanna become part of it? USA here. Canada here.)

So, here are the tips for the week.

Are you hesitant to buy certain transfers because you thing they are so theme-centric that their limited use isn’t worth the price? Not so fast, my friend. Here are just some of the examples of alternate uses of some themed transfers.

Mistletoe Kisses Transfer. Mistletoe is not just for Christmas kisses, at least with this transfer. Isolate that “kisses included” portion of the transfer and you have a perfect item for a Valentine’s decoration, cos who doesn’t like kisses for Valentine’s day? (Need this transfer? Go here.)

Mon Cherie transfer. If you’re not up on your French, Mon Cherie means my dear in English. And Bebe means baby of course. Originally intended as art for a nursery, these items make great Valentine’s day decor too. Just take a look at the pic above and can see how cute they are. How sweet. (Need this transfer? go here) I’ll do a post about my adventure with the tiered trays in the pic above sometime this week.

Good Cheer transfer. Guess what? To be of good cheer is not just for Christmas (or the martini bar). Nope, you can have a Good Cheer coffee bar! You could do a Good Cheer Cocoa bar. And who doesn’t love a nice subway art sign? (Get a Good Cheer transfer here.)

Christmas Story Collection: Gift Tags transfer. This transfer has the cutest collection of embellishments for Christmas. Who’s to say some of them couldn’t be used for other things, like birthday gifts or Valentine’s gifts, perhaps? (Get a Gift Tags transfer here.)

Gnome transfer. This is a great transfer to do all sorts of cute things to. For example, You can turn it into a sweet Valentinesish design like I did in this video. I used parts of other transfers to create a you are my gnome (Need this transfer? Go here.) . Check out the video tomorrow to see how I made this cute project.

In the end, you can just take stock of your transfer collection and think outside the box to use elements of separate transfers together to create an entirely new design.


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