Tip and Trick Tuesday: New Chalk Couture Catalog Survival Guide and Top 5 Must Have’s.

It’s Tip & Trick Tuesday. Every Tuesday, I will try and make you aware of a useful tip or trick you might not know about to help you make the best of your Chalk Couture products. It might be about an accessory, or chalk or surface… whatever gem of wisdom and experience my little heart desires to impart to you.

Tip & Trick Tuesday

This week we’re talking about the new catalog coming out next week. It’s an event we must all mentally and physically prepare for. No lie, get ready for it. Here are some things you can and should do.

There are a few things you should gather up before you peruse the new catalog. Do it before you settle in so you can maximize your awesome new catalog experience. (I can hook you up too, but more on that later)

  • Tea bag. Gotta stay hydrated and caffeinated for this experience.
  • Post It Notes and a Pen. So you can mark the place of all the neat projects you want to do
  • Notepad. Gotta jot down all those great ideas that come from viewing that new catalog
  • Tissues. to wipe that drool off your face. Just try not to dampen your catalog
  • Bandages. So you can stop all those new catalog paper cuts from bleeding all over. Cos that’s what happens when you crazily rifle through a paper catalog
  • Rubber band. To help you s t r e t c h your creative mind.
  • Chocolate. Cos who needs an excuse to have chocolate. Boosts your energy, too
  • Life Savers. So you don’t drown in all the new ideas you’ll gain.

So what’s the deal with this new catalog anyway, you might ask? I can help you discover all the new stuff Chalk Couture will be releasing with the new catalog. It’s coming out on February 3rd and I can get you in on the release.

Chalk Couture 2020 Spring Summer Catalog Wanna see the digital catalog? Just click here.

Wanna be reminded when the new stuff is released for purchase? Just join my VIP Facebook group. There are many more reasons to join, like member special offers and sales, plus feedback on products, sample project info and much more. Click here for the VIP Page. Once you join the page you can ask me about sending you an actual catalog you can hold in your hand and love in person.

Having gone through the catalog multiple times, I can tell you there are some MUST haves. Here are my top 5.

5House cut outs and patterns. These are sooo cute and have transfers that match. Little house cut outs are such a popular decor item right now and now I don’t have to wander around to Target or Hobby Lobby (I still will, but you know…) to find little houses. I can just order them from Chalk Couture. And I know they will fit perfectly with my transfer..

4 New Chalk Stories. Chalk Stories transfer are collections of transfers that are themed, be it nautical, or garden, or travel, etc. Transfer designs in each Chalk Stories collection can be used independently or in any combination, allowing you to complete several custom projects for a look that is uniquely yours. There are two new collections I love, Live Deeply, which is beachy, sea life designs, and Feathered Friends, which is birds, branches and nest themed. So many options.

3 Welcome Sign Post and add on transfer. So it finally happened. A transfer that is specifically built to be a welcome sign. You know, those trendy boards that you put on your front porch, entryway that everyone has. Also released is an add-on transfer where you can change out the O for a sunflower, or other seasonal designs. How cool is that.

2 New Accessories. You need the right tool for the job you’re doing, I always say. And Chalk Couture has come out with some new tools to make your chalking experience quick and easy. Color trays for your paste, a paste scraper to take paste off of reusable surfaces and table top easels in two sizes to display your beautiful designs.

1 Egg Cut outs and pattern transfers. Another cut out I’ve been hoping for and just in time for Easter. Egg shaped cut out and a transfer with springy patterns. How cute.

So now that I’ve sufficiently teased you, I can’t wait for you to see it all and think about making some great projects. Happy chalking!


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