Tip and Trick Tuesday: You CAN Dye Chalk Couture Textiles.

So variety is the spice of life they say and I tend to agree. After all, why should we be limited by mere vanilla canvas banners and pillows when we can make them any color we want. My tip this week is how to dye Chalk Couture textiles like canvas banners and pillow covers using RIT dye. It’s another episode of Messy Jessie, but the results are worth it.

So as if there are not enough things to decide, the first one is what color. So many factors, but in the end you’ll find a color to match your decor. There are 50+ base colors of liquid dye and, if you go to the RIT website, they have about 500 color combinations you can make. This is not a quick process, so maximize your time by doing several items at once. It’s a reasonable amount of prep and then time for the dye process. The rewards, however, are worth it. Here are some pics comparing the original to the dyed item. Just note that with the banners being a tan color at the start, the dye will not quite be the bottle color but with a touch of an ever so slight yellow tone.

Here are the colors I used and a fixative you’ll need to make the dye hold onto the fabric. Also, gloves, and an apron or crappy clothes are highly recommended so you don’t end up looking like a reject from the Blue Man Group. Seriously.

RIT Dye Fixative RIT Teal Dye RIT Cherry Red Dye

RIT Yellow RIT Black RIT Coral

Check out the video below to see how to dye Chalk Couture textiles: banners and pillow covers.


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