Tip Tuesday and The Easiest Beginner Skill You’ll Ever Learn.

Over the past year or so with the pandemic, we’ve all had some spare time to kill. Many people took it upon themselves to learn something new; a beginner skill. So much so that it is currently a trending hashtag on TikTok – #WhatILearned.

You can tell people are doing new things when you go shopping. Who knew there would be a demand for wheel barrows! Do I really have to go online to get a wheel barrow? Two local hardware stores and 3 big box stores and it was either a $250 wheel barrow or the one I picked, which as it turns out, was clearly an open box as it was missing parts…GAH!! Apparently, gardening is a new skill many people are taking up. So good luck finding those special seeds or a soaker hose. You know what? I have a much easier beginner skill for you to learn and you can get a kit right now to get started. That skill is chalking with Chalk Couture!

Chalk Couture is custom décor that is foolproof to create, easy to clean up, and a ton of fun to make again and again. Reusable Chalk Transfers™ and washable Chalkology™ Paste make some high end home decor. If you’ve ever been envious of those cool quotes and sayings signs or fun vintage farmhouse decor items your friends spent a mint on at Kirkland’s, you can make that stuff yourself!

How to Chalk Couture

“But Jess, I’m scurrrrred! I’d really be sad to make a big investment to find out I suck at it” Well I’m here to tell you there are options. For around a mere $15, you can try out Chalk Couture! Check out the new Try Me Kits that just came in… so on trend and fun.

Second, you’re not going to suck at it cos it’s soooooo easy.

Now, if you’re one of those jump in guns a blazin’ kinda people then you can get going with a Starter Kit. This contains all the stuff you need to make a number of projects. This also starts you as a Chalk Couture designer, so if you decide you really really like it, you can make it a side hustle, build a business or start your empire.

Whatever you decide, just know that it’s a really fun and easy way to make your very own decor.

If you’re the researcher type, you can check out and subscribe to my youtube channel and watch me make all sorts of stuff for my home and my store Crafty Couture DIY Chalk Studio and More! (I’m also on TikTok, but I’m a noob, so there’s that)

I hope this has inspired you to learn something new and start on your Chalk Couture adventure.

Stay safe and Chalk On!


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