Tip Tuesday and the Fabulous World of Chalk Surfaces

So I know I can chalk on just about anything. Wood, glass, fabric… the list goes on. The thing is, when I work on Chalk Couture surfaces, I know it will be a great experience cos it will last and be gorgeous. Need specifics? Well, here we go…

Exclusives: No one has surfaces quite like these. Unique shapes and quality materials mean your design will look fabulous. These are not your typical dollar store variety surfaces. You will be proud to have them adorning your home with their beauty.

Reuseable. Have you grown tired of that design you did weeks ago? Well, one of the coolest things about Chalk Couture paste and some of its surfaces is that you can just take some water and a board eraser, wipe off your design and go to town chalking a new design! That’s right, just like the Chalk Couture saying “Design. Love. Repeat.”

Bunny Cutouts– well, because Spring.  They’re the perfect size for display. And we have the perfect transfers for them. Chalk a cute pattern then add a cute face from the bunny duo transfer to make a sweet item for spring or Easter time.

Reclaimed Diagonal Pallet 12×18. You can use this unique surface vertically or horizontally. How versatile is that. It’s recommended to wax before use. And this is one of those surfaces that is a one-time application. So no reusing this one, but it’s still super fun and can be painted any color really, and be a statement piece. I just love the recycled stuff like this (and the drawer front too) Here’s a July 4th themed vignette.

Valentine's Day Decor

Double Sided Box Frames– The Double-Sided Box Frames offer even more farmhouse fun. The wide base stands easily. One side is white-washed and the other is a refreshing stain! I recommend you prep your board with Surface Wax. There are a variety of sizes to choose from. I love the 5″x5″ size cos they’re great for tiered trays or just stand on a table.

Board and Base– super cost effective and can be used both horizontally and vertically! And it’s double sided!!  They’ve recently gotten a facelift and have a stained base too. Gorgeous in it’s simplicity so you can add your own flair.

Aiden Chalkboards– Magnetic, porcelain coated Steel that lets the chalk paste glide on like BUTTAH! Truly a BEAUTY to look at as well! So many options and definitely a reusable surface.

Those are my tops in Chalk Couture surfaces. Take a look at all Chalk Couture surfaces here. There is such a variety of quality surfaces. Something for every taste and style.

Stay safe and Chalk on!


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