Tip Tuesday: Care and Feeding of You Chalk Couture Transfers

As I was preparing to write about chalk couture transfer care and the care and feeding line came into my head, I immediately harkened back to the 80’s and the classic movie Gremlins.

Oh Gizmo, you are the cutest. But of course, there were rules with these little guys. Some very important ones:

Luckily, Chalk Couture transfer care is not so nearly as dangerous.

First, some basic terms when it comes to Chalk Couture chalk transfers. You can take a look at all the transfers here.


There are 5 sizes of Chalk Couture Chalk transfers

  • A – 5×7 inch. One and Done (one solid design) and Cut Apart (different design elements that can be used together or separated.)
  • B – 8.5×11 inch. One and Done and and Cut Apart. Letter sized. Fun Fact: some of the A designs fit perfectly into some of the B designs like wreaths and borders!
  • C – 12×18 inch. One and Done and and Cut Apart. Fun Fact: Some of the C’s are perfectly designed for the cut out surfaces like the houses and pumpkins!
  • D – 18×18 inch. One and Done and and Cut Apart. Mostly wreaths and patterns.
  • E – 18×24 inch. One and Done and and Cut Apart. A lot of these are for signs, like porch signs and pennants. Fun Fact: there are several cut apart full font sets available for your customizing pleasure.

And now for some advice on caring for your transfers. The basic basics can be found in this document, but there are some other things to tell you.

First Time you use your transfer.

The first thing I do when I go to use a transfer is to flip it over and label the BACK of the Carrier sheet with the name of the transfer. You gotta keep that carrier sheet for the transfer to sit on the slick side of , so it doesn’t stick to the bag when you store it. That would be a sad day.


Cleaning is more simple than it seems. It used to be recommended to just drop them in a tub of water and/or use a disinfecting wipe, but now that is a nope. All I do now is use cool water to help wash it off with a Board Eraser. Just wipe both sides and lay sticky side up to dry before you put it back on the carrier sheet. Anything else will make the sticky go away faster.

The Board Eraser is also the best tool to get rid of the excess shimmer paste. Cos that stuff can cling like a dryer sheet on the inside of a pantleg.

One thing to note is as long as you get the screen part clean, a stained transfer is no biggie.

Check out my video below to see my explanation and as a bonus, see my run through of all Chalk Couture surfaces! How fun!!

Stay safe and Chalk on!


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