Tip Tuesday: Chalk Couture 102 Paste vs Ink

Last time, I gave you Chalk Couture 101: Accessories – all the tools you need to make the most of your chalking experience. Now that you have the right tools, the next thing you need to understand is paste vs ink!

paste vs ink

I give a fairly detailed overview of Paste vs Ink here. There are about 30 standard colors and then 5 or so colors of paste that change with the season or catalog. There are around 28 Ink colors. You can check them out in my store.

Chalkology Paste

It’s versatile stuff. You can chalk just about anything, wood, glass, plastic, mirrors… It’s water soluble, so you can wash it off most things, except fabric. If you want it to be permanent, outdoors, just seal it with polycrylic sealant. When you open, stir it right away with your multi tool or stir stick. You want a yogurt like consistency. If you don’t have this consistency, you can add DISTILLED water to your paste and mix. There are no preservatives in this paste, so if you don’t use distilled water, you may very well be starting your very own Petri dish, and that would make baby Jesus cry.

Paste Packets

Paste is also available in packets. They’re convenient for when you have a project in mind but can’t invest in a full jar of paste. Just rip, knead and squeeze it out like a ketchup packet. If it’s chunky, just add a little distilled water and mix. And just to make your life super easy, Chalk Couture sells 6 packet palettes like the The Holiday pack which includes Candy Apple, Meadow, Bright White, Black Velvet, Shimmer Gold, and Shimmer Silver.

Shimmer Paste

I just ❤️ Shimmer paste. It has a glittery shine to it. Our Shimmer palette consists of 6 colors. I’m so glad the Shimmer pastes were expanded to more colors. They really make a project shine. (see what I did there) AND, best of all, no fooling with Glitter!

Couture Ink

Ink is pretty much the same as paste, except for two notable differences. It is permanent once heat set and it is slightly thinner and a little transparent. This ink is typically used on fabrics and can be used on glass and ceramic if it can be put in the oven.

That is the basics of our Chalkology Paste and Couture Ink. You can check out the video below to see me explain it, AND as a bonus, see my haul of extra decor accessories, like ribbon!

Stay Safe and Chalk On!


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