Tip Tuesday: Chalking Disasters to be avoided.

It happens. Chalking disasters. No matter how hard you try, stuff happens. I, in my vast time chalking, have come upon some truly unpleasant disasters and I’m sharing them here, so you know this is real life stuff.

5.When laying out letters, double check your spelling. As a matter of fact, have a family member or friend proof it too. It’s like getting a tattoo, make sure it’s right before you commit it to paste, but especially ink. Take it from Scotty P, you certainly don’t want a “No Ragrets” moment, particularly if it’s a gift.

There will be No Ragrets if you proof your letters.

4.When cleaning squeegees in your kitchen sink, take care that they don’t end up in the garbage disposal. ? I don’t think there’s any explanation needed here. Clean them in a wash basin or something in the sink.

And, for the Love of God, DO NOT reach in there to rescue it. Just don’t.

3.Don’t leave a transfer where it can be accidentally scooped up and turned into a sticky, crackly useless ball of vinyl. Yep. It sucks. You scoop up what you think is a pile of trash and as you are crushing it up to fit it in the trashcan, NNNooooooooo!!!!

You can feel it when it happens too, a sickening sound like wet plastic slapping a countertop. Ugh. I just can’t.

2.Do not leave a paste single where it can be stepped on and squirt out everywhere. You know that friend that always manages to squirt someone at the table with the ketchup packet? Kinda like that, but probably with a color that won’t clean from the carpet. So best advice? Just. Don’t. Do. It.

1.Don’t eat dippable food near open paste jars. You’re trying to make something nice for someone, but are running short of time and you’re starving too, so multitasking it is. You pull up with some apple slices and peanut butter while you’re working. You’re eyeing up your project and you blindly reach for your apples to dip in the peanut butter. You bring it up to your mouth, still analyzing your work when, umm… this is NOT peanut butter!!! And the answer is NO, it most definitely does not taste good.

BONUS TIP: When you’re blindly reaching for your jars, don’t. Take a good hard look at the jar, especially the lid. Make sure if you need paste, you grab paste. Otherwise, your project will surely be ruined. And that will make baby Jesus cry.

So there’s the tips for the week on chalking disasters. Hopefully you’ve learned from my misfortune, or at least laughed your heinie off visualizing them.

Stay safe and Chalk On!


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