Tip Tuesday – Easy Ways to Bring Farm Charm to Your Home.

Ah, Farmhouse. It’s a lovely design trend that I’m still in love with. It’s a make you feel at home kind of vibe. I’ve always been a suburban girl, but my trusty assistant grew up in rural Salem County, New Jersey. She makes it sound other worldly, folks with heavy south jersey accents, dually pickups with flannel and denim covered guys gathered around, passing the chaw pouch. The aroma of straw and bread baking as you enter a farmers home. An older farmer’s rustic kitchen with a wood burning cooking stove over fire bricks. And of course, the fun stuff like waiting for the cattle drive across the road every day at noon and 5pm; being caught in the “traffic jam” of a tractor towing a hay wagon on the street with no way to pass. Even better, the dreaded manure spreader spraying it’s cow patties all over a field near your house. Seems kinda hard to believe that this exists just miles from us in suburban Philly. If you desire this vibe in your home, without the cow patty perfume, the fine folks at Chalk Couture have just the thing: The Farm Charm Collection.

What is the Farm Charm Collection?

I’m glad you asked. The Farm Charm Collection is a set of Chalk Couture transfers all with a modern farmhouse look. Interchange any Transfer’s elements with other Transfers in the Farm Charm Collection for a full set of projects with a cohesive look! With just these transfers and some fun surfaces, you can create a whole house full of farmhouse goodness. These are part of Chalk Couture’s Chalk Stories. There are other Chalk Stories, like the Unsinkable Collection, the Botanicals Collection and the Positive Vibes Collection.

What can I make with the Farm Charm Collection?

Here are just some of the things you can make. So inspiring, isn’t it? I’ve done so many projects with this collection. Here are some videos of my personal projects

How do I get the Farm Charm Collection?

You can click on over to my store and grab the whole collection right here. While you’re there, you can grab some paste and tools you’ll need to make some beautiful projects. This is my store’s home page, where you can get to everything. There’s a search bar at the top of the page too.

I can’t wait to see what you all make. You’ll have so much fun!

Stay safe and Chalk On,


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