Tip Tuesday: Font Transfers and Why You Need Them.

Tip & Trick Tuesday

So it’s Tuesday and that means time for tips. This week I wanted to let you in on a not-so-secret secret… you really can personalize your projects. Enter Chalk Couture font transfers: cut apart transfers in several styles of lettering (fonts).

Pick a Style:

Here are all the current font styles you can choose:

As you can see, the variety here covers most everything you could need. Take a look at your artwork you want to use the font with and get a feel for what type of font would match the best. Handwritten is more whimsical, Rustic is more classic.

Alignment is key.

Take time and concentrate on alignment of your letters. Unless you’re doing it on purpose, you don’t want your lettering to look like it was applied during an earthquake. Check spacing between elements, between each letter and whether it is all level. Chalk Couture has a tool for this: the placement tape. I used the placement tape, in this case, to both have a straight edge to line up letters and to have a place for the registration marks to be used that didn’t land on the actual surface.

Dry That Puppy.

I typically center my word starting with the letter in the middle and going out from there, that way your word is centered on the board, if that is the design intent. I get my dryer out and hit those freshly chalked letters a little to make them dry. That way I don’t pull a Messy Jessie and rake my hand across wet chalk and ruin it all, cos no amount of distressing is going to fix that.

Be creative!

Now that you know about Chalk Couture font transfers, I’m sure your gears are spinning like a day at the Tour de France. You can make anything into something new. I did these cool projects for my patio

Check out the video below, to see how my tips on using Chalk Couture font transfers.


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