Tip Tuesday: How to Prepare for Celebrations Launch

Today’s the day! The 2020 Celebrations Suite Launch. This is getting to be like waiting in line to get into a store on Black Friday for the doorbuster, except the worse that would happen here would be a finger cramp and some dry eye.

NO Worries. Celebration Suite launch should not bring on a black eye.

Here are some tips for preparing to shop the Celebrations Suite Launch.

Warm Up. Just like an athlete has to stretch before a game. Get those fingers ready to shop. Get those knuckles cracked and shake ’em out. They’re going to be busy typing and clicking.

Ever have a tendon lock up in your hand? It’s no fun. Nope. Just avoid that and stretch em out.

Have a list ready. Have a list yet? Make like Santa: make a list and check it twice. It sure helps. Know what you want and get those babies in your cart quick. Don’t hold that stuff too long. Your cart will automatically empty after it sits idle for 15 minutes, so know what you want and get it in there.

Set up your “work” area. Make sure you have everything you need to sustain yourself through this shopping experience. Have that coffee, tea, (wine) at the ready. Have whatever energy boost you’re used to at your side. Snacks are good too. One caveat to this one is: make sure you hit the potty bright before it goes live, cos no one wants to pee their pants if they don’t have to. Like momma always says: pee before you go.

Ensure your environment is distraction free. This is important stuff! Make sure you can get in the zone and concentrate. Make sure the pets are fed and don’t have to go outside. And kids. Make sure if you have children around that they are occupied, so they don’t MOM or DAD you to death while you’re in the middle of shopping. Give them that screen time they so desperately want. Lock them in the closet. (kidding!) Whatever it takes for you to shop without disruption. Like, as I write this, the borough is grinding tree branches in the street out front. Yikes, I need some noise canceling earbuds now too.

Have your payment method at the ready. Along with your list, make sure you have your credit card at the ready. No one wants to go through loading up a cart, only to have to sprint across the room, vaulting furniture, desperately looking for your handbag before your cart times out. That usually results in some bruises, maybe some tooth loss after that faceplant from misjudging the height of the chair you meant to vault. Just avoid all this and have your method of payment ready.

Are you ready to go? The Celebrations Suite launch happens TODAY, Tuesday September 15th 9AM MST (11AM Eastern, 10AM Central, 8AM Pacific, 7AM Alaska) Get to my shop and I hope you get everything you wanted!

Stay Safe and Chalk On!


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