Tip Tuesday: It’s All in the Detail Tool.

“Art is all in the details”

Christian Marclay

We’ve heard the phrase It’s all in the details. I really think it rings true. And if my electric stays on long enough, (big storm here in Jersey) I can tell you why. Paying attention to detail shows you are dedicated to your work, that you care enough to make it the best it can be. And that means a really nice outcome. Starting with a great design from Chalk Couture means half your battle is over, because they ARE in detail with it comes to transfers…for every style and substance you would need. In that spirit, Chalk Couture has come up with something that will help with the details and it’s called, no surprise, the Detail Tool.

At 6″ long, the Detail Tool feels good in your hand. It is a double purpose tool, with a detail work end and a micro squeegee on the other.

You know how you go through a project and think, Wow, this is perfect. Then, when you peel back the transfer, it has some imperfections, like a little bleed? Gaaaahhhh!!! Dang now I have to start over. Wait a minute my friend, all may not be lost. Get out that Detail Tool, flip it to the pointy detail end and gently rub those mistakes away! So nice, it works perfectly! (Here is the Darling transfer on Odette board.

The other end is like a micro squeegee. For those times when you need to chalk in a tight corner, this is your tool. Especially for the real intricate transfers where you want to use different colors, it’s the perfect tool.

As always, the tool is in Couture Teal, so it matches everything else in your chalking arsenal and at $7.95, you can’t not have it, right?

Check out the video below to see a quick video of me using this awesome tool.

Stay safe and Chalk On!


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