Tip Tuesday New Angled Squeegee Greatness

Sometimes change is hard to handle. I really don’t usually like having to get used to a change with something I use all the time. Who here has not been thrown by a Facebook update? Why, oh why did they eliminate that feature? Why release something with an obvious bug?

There are, however exceptions and here is one of them. The newly designed Angled Squeegee. The fine folks at Chalk Couture thought about the design of this accessory and then redesigned it and made it better!

New Chalk Coture Angled Squeegee

At 2″ Γ— 4″, this is the fresh update to the Angled Squeegee design. Here are some important things to know:

New proprietary design

This squeegee belongs to Chalk Couture and they are the only one that has it. You won’t see another one like this. Other imitators might have similar products, but why not buy knowing it will be compatible with other chalk couture products, like the transfers and pastes/inks.

All The Angles

This baby has all the angles. The sides are different lengths, to provide you with a variety of sizes to use when chalking in certain spaces. Aaaanndd… a true angle where the two sides come together. If you have a space that is a smidge bigger than the Detail Tool is efficient for, you have this angled side of the squeegee to go with.


Like that Rob Thomas and Santana song, with this squeegee, that paste glides along, like buttah, smooth as can be and makes quick work of covering your transfer with paste/ink.

Grip With Ease

This tool is so easy to hold. It fits perfect in your hand and is both a great size to get into those paste cans and with great maneuvering for those tight corners you might need to navigate on your transfer.

Check out the video below where I use this squeegee on a quick project.

Have I convinced you that this is an indispensable tool for your chalking arsenal? Get one today, you won’t regret it.

Stay Safe and Chalk On!


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