Tip Tuesday New Formula transfer tip you need to know

It’s something we hear a lot more about these days. Science. Most times, science can make things better and this is one of those times. Chalk Couture has been working hard with the folks that produce the transfers to improve them. This new formula transfer change supports more sustainable, environmentally-friendly manufacturing, which is an important win for everyone! How cool to help save the environment while chalking!

Science is a wonderful thing.

So what does this mean to our little ol’ chalking selves? Not much, actually.

Transfers continue to be recommended for 8 to 12 uses, depending on the surface they’re applied to. As always, they should be cleaned with water and a Board Eraser or with disinfectant wipes (not baby wipes). You’ll notice the “trademark Transfer scent” will be much milder, and you should clean Transfers quickly rather than letting them soak, as prolonged soaking can reduce the longevity of the material and design.   

Let me say that again for the people in the back. DO NOT LET THEM SOAK. The process used to make the transfers is now a bit more water based, so prolonged exposure to water will cause them to break down much faster. And that will make baby Jesus cry.

So how do I know I have one of these cool new transfers? The new process started with the Holiday Suite Transfers, along with restocks to existing Transfers. If you’re unsure, there’s a little “w” at the end of the copyright info. printed on the transfer. It looks like this:

So if you have one of these. Don’t let it soak like you in your bubble bath. Make it more like a quick dip with a washcloth (board eraser).

Enjoy your new formula transfer, stay safe and chalk on.


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