Tip Tuesday: Quarantine Activity.

This week, let’s revisit the quarantine activity ideas I presented from a couple months ago. Have you thought of any other activities to take up some time in a positive, productive way or just for fun? Here we go…

I am finding myself saying this often lately; What a time we live in. I never thought in my lifetime I would see something like this. An actual stay inside don’t go anywhere unless you have to quarantine. Like a bad snowstorm but way longer and toilet paper being more of a commodity than milk and eggs. One thing we need now more than ever is humor, so here’s my take on the TP situation.

As a Stay At Home Mom I found myself struggling with finding ways to occupy my Bub, let alone manage playdates with multiple kids. And with this Quarantine going I can only imagine it’s extra challenging. So what can you do? Well chalk of course. I’ll even take the guess work out with suggestions of what to get and what to do with it.

Quarantine Activities: Chalking for the pre-school/ grade school kids.

Here’s what I suggest for the littles and sorta littles.

There are so many cute little graphics in this transfer. Take a quick peek at how to use these products if you don’t already know, and let the fun begin. You can make these as ornaments or tags to give or just for fun. Or you clean the designs off with a little water and do it over again. How cool is that!

Here are some great games you can play with your designs:

Memory Game

Memory Game with Chalkable Chips

Create matching designs in pairs, let dry then flip over and play the memory game where you flip two chips face up over each turn. The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching designs.

Chip Hunt

Chalk different designs, let dry and then hide them around the house or even the yard if the weather is nice. Then have the kids find them, like an Easter egg hunt.

Counting Games

Counting Chips Chalk designs in different quantities, let dry. Then take turns and ask kids to count out certain designs for you, for instance, “I need 4 Suns”

I’m sure there are tons more ways to use these to entertain and even educate your little ones.

Stay safe and chalk on!


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