Tip Tuesday Smooth Out Chunky Chalk Paste

If you’ve never had this happen before, you’re one of the lucky ones. Chunky Chalk Paste. When your Chalkology paste decides to band together to form chunky bits instead of being it’s nice smooth, silky self.

Not nice. Not fun.

Yes Gordon it is maddening. Folks often talk of all sorts of crazy ways to make the chunks go away, most notably microwaving. Well, that’s a BIG NO from me. The container melts with the paste or you get a firework display right in your very own kitchen from missing a scrap of the foil covering. Nope. No house fires for me.

So what can be done? Well, if it’s new you could probably send it back for replacement, but who wants that hassle. Repack, return and wait for the new one. Meanwhile, you could just fix it yourself. And I’m going to show you how.

Here it is. The Secret Weapon. A handheld paint mixer! I used a different one during the video, but it was not very ergonomically sound and my hand ached after using it. Still, it did a good job.

So I’m going to try this one:

It’s specifically for paint and looks beefier so it can fit my mitt in a comfortable manner. You can get it here. Okay, let’s get to it.

Big Ol’ Box

Get yourself a box that is deep enough to catch the paste in case you lift the mixer up too high out of the jar. It will Spray. All. Over. All over you, your table, your walls. Like the Spirograph from your childhood, this job needs to be contained. Roll up those sleeves and go slow and steady or you will have your very own Messy Jessie moment.

Fine Mist Sprayer

Get out your trusty Fine Mist Sprayer filled with distilled water and give it a spritz to get it moving a little. Those chunks will start to break down already.

Mixer-Mix That Paste

Get to mixing with that paint mixer. I went slow and tried to move the mixer around so that it stayed in the jar. The mixer is battery powered, so you have to not push down too hard or hold it down cos it stops the mixer and it may burn out the motor if its held at a stop like that. Little circles should do it. You should give it another spritz or two as you see it get dry looking.

Stir Stick

Once you start seeing the paste get close to it’s normal consistency, it’s time to pause the mixer and get out your stir stick. Now, you have to get in there and turn over the paste, bringing the chunks on the bottom up to the top so they can be blended better.

Blend Some More

Now, you might have to add a wee more water and finish ironing out those chunks with the mixer. Please know, the paste will never get completely back to being it’s yogurty silky self, BUT it WILL spread like Buttah after this treatment. I tested it after I did this and it’s true. A resurrection of your paste is possible.

I hope you find this tip useful. You can smooth out chunky chalk paste. I know it’s saved me plenty of time and money to make it worthwhile.

Stay Safe and Chalk On!


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