Tip Tuesday: Take Control of Your Chalk Stuff.

Another Tip Tuesday has arrived and this week, we’re talking controlling the chaos. Maintaining order. Achieving balance. We’re talking storage. Chalk Couture storage.

Yes storage. That thing we never have enough of. Now, make no mistake, I’m not talking Marie Kondo level organizing, cos that’s just not anywhere near my wheelhouse, but I do appreciate enough organization to allow me to walk in my space without fear of breaking my neck on some stray item that rolled off the table. So since my space can range anywhere an episode of Hoarders, to almost House Beautiful worthy, Chalk Couture was thoughtful enough to come up with some super useful storage accessories to help me control my chalk collective.

The Basics Bag

A great little item to carry squeegees, Chalk Markers, Transfer Trimmers, and other Chalk Couture™ art tools. It’s the perfect size to keep handy so your essentials are all within grabbing distance. Plus, it’s a great grab n go holder whether you’re chalking with friends or packing up for the Craft Expo. And it’s looks so sharp with that Chalk Couture branding. Nice. A practical chalk couture storage accessory!

The Color Case

This is my favorite. It’s the perfect way to port your paste (and ink). Just place the separator and zip to assemble. And it holds up to 18 3oz paste jars! Again, a great way to keep your favorite colors handy and cart them off to your next meet up or show. Also gussied up with that Chalk Couture branding.

The Transfer Tote

Ah transfers. Slippery, floppy things that slide all over. How DO you store the darn things. You could get a flat file cabinet, but that would take up a LOT of room trying to accommodate your E size transfers. Instead, you can get yourself a transfer tote. C- through E-sized Transfers fit in the large pocket and A- and B-sized Transfers in the smaller pocket. Has a nice handle too, so you can carry your stuff to the show or chalk n sip. Or just store them there safe and sound. And as with all, this chalk couture storage accessory is chalk couture branded. Sharp, eh? Yep.

This is a great collection of accessories to make your chalk experience as easy and worry free as possible.

Stay Safe and chalk on!


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