Tip Tuesday Transfer Must Haves – Get Them Before They Are Gone!

All good things must come to an end, they say, but DANG, I don’t have to like it, do I? It’s like reaching the bottom of the the Goobers box. ( chocolate covered peanuts, if you don’t know ) SUCH a downer. And in this case, I won’t be able to buy more…waah. Anyway, point is, it’s time for Chalk Couture retired transfers to be revealed and there are some real good ones going away.

It’s good in that they are making room for exciting new stuff; bad in that some old reliables will be gone. Here are some of my favorites that are about to be gone.

Buffalo Plaid

Aww, what a classic. You know I like to Buffalo Plaid all the things. At least the Mini Buffalo Plaid is still sticking around, cos that retiring would definitely make Baby Jesus and me cry.

Classic Nutcracker Duo

Classic Nutcracker Duo Transfer

Son of a Nutcracker! They’re losing the Nutcracker Duo. This was such a fun design. Get yourself one before he marches away forever.

Gather Welcome Duo

gather welcome transfer

This one is questionable to me. I know gathering is not really allowed in some places right now, but some day we’ll be back gathering. I’m guessing there’s another type of gather on the way, cos how can we be farmhouse and not Gather?

Happy Camper and Happy Camper Add-On

The Camper is trailing off into the sunset with all its options. It was a cute lil’ transfer. Reminded me of my trailer by the beach I had… so homey and cute. Get it before it gets parked permanently.

Locally Grown

locally grown transfer

Minis retiring? Say it isn’t so! Transfer minis are so versatile, quick and easy. It’s a great way to add a quick design to just about anything. Get your Locally Grown before it grows right outta here.

Welcome Signpost

welcome signpost transfer

Porch Leaners are crazy trendy right now, so the fact that this is going away is kinda surprising. My hope is a new one is on the way, in the meantime, go grab one now!

There are a bunch more that are soon to be Chalk Couture retired transfers, so get to my store, look up your favorite and buy now before it disappears!

Stay safe and Chalk On


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