Tip Tuesday: Using Multiple Transfers for Decor Groupings

Grouping like items is a basic principle of good design. There are all sorts of nerdy, technical terms that go along with this: symmetry, rule of thirds, 60-30-10 color rule, progressive composition… In the end, what’s my number one rule? Do what makes you happy. Unless you’re an editor for Better Homes and Gardens, you’re the only one that has to look at it and enjoy it everyday. Of course, being a Chalk Couture Designer, I have so many fun, cute, gorgeous coordinating designs to choose from to put together fantastic vignettes for my home. Today, some tips on how to use multiple transfers for decor groupings

Gather up similar transfers in your collection.

Browse your transfer collection and look for a theme. Here, I was going for Fall Farm Market. I chose Vintage Truck, Vintage Truck Fall Add On and Vintage Tractor transfers. I only used parts of each transfer to go with my design. Cos you don’t have to limit yourself to just the whole design… you can pick elements and use them with other parts of other transfers!

Vintage Tractor cart with Vintage Truck pumpkins!

Choose a Coordinating color palette.

So since I’m doing Fall designs I would logically pick Fall colors, oranges, greens, reds, maybe an accent color like brown or purple?

Pick Surfaces and coordinating objects.

Think about what your Vignette will be in size and scope and pick surfaces accordingly. For instance, if your vignette will be a tiered tray, you want to pick surfaces and accent objects that are the right size to fit in the tray and between tiers. If you’re doing a table vignette, make sure your objects and surfaces fit your space. In this case, I would look for varied height to draw the eye. I often find my accent pieces while frolicking in Bullseye’s Playground at Target, but you could also run through the dollar store or a big box craft store. Don’t forget ribbons, bows, beads and stuff like that, just not too much. We don’t want it to look like the Hobby Lobby barfed in our living room. Here, you can see I incorporated a little hay bale, some ribbons and a little crate. This not only plays into my theme, but allows for objects to have varying height.

Doesn’t that just scream Fall? How’s that for using multiple transfers for decor groupings

Check out the videos below to see how I created this vignette.

Stay safe and chalk on.


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