Top 10 Chalk Couture Accessories You Need in Your Chalk Arsenal

I am of the mind that you should have the right tool for the job you’re doing, and that includes crafting. There are Chalk Couture accessories that are essential to own to do your best chalking. A web designer wouldn’t use a manual typewriter to create a webpage. A lumberjack wouldn’t use an axe when there is a chainsaw handy. You wouldn’t use a pair of scissors when you can use a Cricut for intricate cutting. The right tool is important for accuracy, ease of work and a clean finish.

I am often asked about Chalk Couture accessories and their value. I’m here to tell you that they are ALL valuable and must haves. Here are my Top 10 Chalk Couture Accessories You Need in Your Chalk Arsenal

Self Healing Work Mat

Chalk Couture Self Healing Mat

It’s not making up for a lack of Vitamin D or being extra mindful; it’s self healing. If you accidentally jab or slice it with a blade, it will just close back up. Like Magic. The Self Healing Work Mat is a heavy duty double-sided mat that protects your work surface. Printed grid helps line up designs, and the self-healing material wipes clean easily.

A tough customer, you can abuse the heck out of it and it bounces right back, cuts and all. As you can see here, my mat is well loved and owes me nothing.

You can get your own mat here in my store.


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