Try Me – All of Me – Chalk Couture January Try Me Kit

Okay, first get your mind out of the gutter. Now that I have your attention, I want to show you the newest Chalk Couture January Try Me Kit featuring the All of Me transfer. Whether you use it as a catchy meaningful phrase for your decor or an inspirational quote for a wedding, or whatever else, Chalk Couture makes it easy to incorporate it into whatever you desire – home or wedding/anniversary celebration and beyond.

So we all are familiar with that <SAPPY> John Legend tune All of Me. It is THE wedding song. It’s that song you send to profess undying love for someone. If it was the Eighties, it would have been on every mix tape ever made; ruling over every Hair Band Ballad there ever was. (Looking at you, Love of A Lifetime). Well friends, this is how I feel about this sappy nonsense:

Yep my love for pizza know no bounds. And extra sauce on the side for dipping please!

But enough about my child like eating habits, let’s check out this Try Me Kit.

All of Me January Try Me Kit

Experience chalking for yourself at 20% off retail price—and make sure your special someone knows that you love them from head to toe, inside and out, top to bottom! This kit includes the following: All of Me, All of You Chalk Transfer® design, Couture Boutique® Board & Base (Black, 5″ x 7″), Chalkology® Paste Singles in Bright White and Peachy Keen, and a Mini Squeegee.

Such a simple design that just speaks volumes. Make your sign, put it on a card, put it on a ChalkSuede Notebook Cover.

So for all you get in this kit at the really affordable price of $17.95 for the month of January 2023, it’s so worth a shot for you to try Chalk Couture! Jump down off the fence and have some fun with this great kit now before it’s gone.

Stay safe and Chalk On

Jessica Wilson


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