Valentine’s Day Target Haul Part 1

So back to Bullseye’s Playground for the hauliest of hauls cos, yes, Valentine’s Day is a comin’. And boy is it, cos this is a two parter (for now). Target clearly did their research for this one. There’s so much fantastic stuff I can only hope to get more of. So here are some highlights. I will post the full video at the end so you can enjoy its full splendor.

Love this Berry Wreath! So many things I can do with this. I can use this intact or tear it up for embellishing.

This one’s purdy. And if it’s not your cup o’ tea, well just paint over it and make your own, right?

Ah the tiered tray. You know I’m on this like a seagull on a boardwalk french fry. These are nice two tiered ones I can gussy up with some great Chalk stuff.

How cute are these tea towels. I can use these as is or chalk stuff on them.

These are so cute too. I know my assistant will laugh at these plastic plants, but they are maintenance free, so there. She keeps threatening to bring some real plants in to the shop so we’ll see.

This is a real useful one in the days of quarantine. I will use the crap out of this.

EEK! Look at this canister! I will make beautiful things out of these. I can’t wait. I see farmhouse madness just waiting to happen.

Now I know I might just warp the space time continuum keeping the lost socks in one place but I’m taking the risk. with this sign. So clever.

And who doesn’t want a great cake, and cupcake stand for themselves. Make some great custom decor or just use as is.

Check out the video below for the full haul. Part II is coming soon.

Stay Safe and Chalk On!


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