Valentine’s Day Target Haul Part II

Well friends, it’s Part II of the Valentine’s Target Haul and I had lots of fun with it. There were plenty more items to show than Part I, that’s for sure. So much potential to repurpose or just use as is. Make sure to get to the end for the coolest item ever in Bullseye’s Playground and what I did with it. In the meantime, here’s the highlights.

I’m over the moon, er, rainbow for this pillow. I love the colors. There are other pillows worth a look too.

I picked this up cos who doesn’t need a dose of daily flattery. So cute and useful, which brings me to the blank pouch.

Oh Mylanta, can I Chalk like crazy on this. So many possibilities. Makeup pouch, craft supply storage, toiletries travel pouch…

Yep, I’m gonna paint right over this one. Or not…

I think I will either try and remove the design from these or paint over them. Either way, they look super fun and useful too.

Aww…Target really is the key to my Heart, especially if there’s a Starbucks inside. No need for explanation with a chalkboard surface, is there?

Is there nothing more trendy than a wood round sign right now. I cleared the shelf of these and have so many ideas.

It’s like they were watching me and knew I needed this. Cute decent sized chalkboard easels! Also a shelf clearer.

And now for the coolest Bullseye’s Playground thing ever…

Little plastic gumball machine?!? Big deal you say? Oh, my friend the things you can do… like this?

Wow, right? This one is staying with me. If you’re lucky to see these at your Target, it’s a shelf clearer for sure. GRAB IT/THEM. You won’t see them again, I guarantee.

Check out the video below to see the complete Valentine’s Target Haul Part II.

Stay safe and Chalk On!


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