Vault Transfer Wicked Chickens

Hi friends! I have another Vault transfer I want to show you. ( Last time I showed you the Bee Humble and Kind vault release) It’s the Wicked Chickens transfer!

Wicked chickens. Fun fact. A chicken can live for a little bit without it’s head. My friend’s Mom would always tell a story about how she was in the yard when her dad was preparing a chicken and when he beheaded it, the chicken took off and chased her around the yard for what seemed like forever before it dropped. Kinda wicked, huh? ?

Anyway… this is a great design for quick projects. It’s especially good on chalkboards. And that’s exactly what I did. You can see it in the video below. Here’s a pic of some other ways you can use this transfer on a variety of surfaces.

Some of the colors are retired, so I have suggestions for new colors. Use Candy Apple for Red and for Sand, use Iced Coffee.


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