Watts of Love Chalk-A-Thon Recap. Lotsa Light!

So another Watts of Love Chalk-A Thon came and went. I had a great time doing it, minus the technical difficulties (my phone barely survived the experience as I wanted to bounce it off a concrete wall) Aaannyywho… some facts about the Thon.

Our (cos I couldn’t have done it without you all) efforts purchased 43 LIGHTS! That’s fantastic and will do so much good for families in areas with no electricity. Just imagine living without light when night comes.

We chalked from 9am til 9pm. (whew!) So much challenge and fun all at once.

Not bad for 12 hours, eh?

We made 25 projects! Twenty five!! That’s a lotta chalk. And these projects are all going to great homes!

Thank you so much to everyone who bid and donated to such a deserving cause. I will do another Chalk-A-Thon on May 16th!


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