Wayback to the Water Sailboat transfer

For this weeks Throwback Thursday, I’m going waaaay back to 2 months ago for this one: the Sailboat transfer. I myself am not great on boats. My sea legs are pretty shaky. I usually need some help by way of a patch or dramamine. I’ve gone on many cruises and that’s the way I still am, so I can’t imagine going on a sailboat. I’m sure I’d be a nice shade of split pea green and bent over the side the whole time. But, at least I can dream, and create my own sailboat with Chalk Couture.

So here’s the Chalk Couture Sailboat transfer on our 5×7 Pallet Frame. (Pallet sign works too) I used Storm, Black Velvet, Citrus Splash, Guava, Bumblebee, and Bright White Chalk Pastes. I am also using the Fuzzing Towel, Transfer Trimmers, Fine Mist Sprayer, Stir Sticks, Color Trays and Mini Squeegees.

I think it turned out great. What a fun project!

Sailboat Transfer

Check out the video below to see how I created this bright and cheery Sailboat!

Stay Safe and Chalk on!


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