Wooder and Bullseye’s Fall Decor fun

As you know, I just love my Bullseye’s playground finds. I really love chalking on them. Here, you’ll see me again with my girl Cheryl. We do a bunch of projects, so this is a great bang for your buck video of some Bullseye’s Fall Decor.

So you may hear me say this: Wooder. What the hairy heck is wooder, Jess? Well, Wooder is Philly/Jersey speak for water. Yup. Not a person who likes wood, just our way of saying water.

Anywho, let’s get started with a wooden round that I will hit with some SeaPaints Salty Secret and White Wash colors with the Eat Drink and Give Thanks transfer. I offset everything to the bottom and side so I can put items on it and not obscure the design.

It turned out really nice, I think. Love those Sea Paints. I created a small vignette with other Fall items.

I also did some Halloween phrases on some cute wood tombstones. They also turned out great. I can spray them around the house and they’re so cute and simple with white paste.

I had fun doing these and watching Cheryl doing here projects: a t-shirt with the Fierce and Fabulous transfer and a cute wreath with burlap ribbon on which she chalked on a Thankful Blessed pattern. And that’s our Bullseye’s Fall decor fun for today.

Check out the video below to see what we did.

Stay Safe and Chalk On!


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