2022 Chalk Couture Holiday Launch is Tomorrow September 15!

It’s like Christmas, only before Christmas. It’s what I wait for around this time every year. And can you guess what it is? It’s the 2022 Chalk Couture Holiday Launch… and I be like:

I can’t believe it’s here already. I can say you won’t be disappointed. There are many new designs, new surfaces and new palette packs for starters.

Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle cos there’s so much to look at. I can’t wait to start my HOT CHOCOLATE BAR design (Whaaaa?) That’s right a whole set of designs to create your own Hot Chocolate Bar. So you can retire the lemonade bar for now. (Just put that lemonade aside for a last summer happy hour)

Check this out:

This is just one of the many new design I’m really excited to get started on.

I’m loving this one too:

It’s a Christmas Tiered Tray and there’s everything you need: the tray, cutouts essential shapes and of course the transfer! So easy and fun to put together.

Feel the need to make your own little Christmas Village for your mantle? Well you can with Chalk Couture cutouts and house patterns! Just take a look:

Chalk Couture 2022 Holiday Launch

So sweet, isn’t it?

When and where Jess? Give us the Deets! The 2022 Chalk Couture Holiday launches September 15th at 11AM Eastern! So get your plastic, get your fingers nimbled up and point yourself to my store to get yourself some new chalky goodness!

I’m so pumped for great new designs! Happy shopping!

Stay safe and chalk on.

Jessica Wilson


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