What is Chalk Couture?

It’s only the coolest new art/craft, ever. Chalk Couture is an easy way to create some gorgeous home decor for yourself or your friends and family. Here’s a brief history for you

How it all started

The concept behind Chalk Couture started years ago after founder, Tara Roark, purchased a very large frame from an art store and turned it into a magnetic chalkboard. It became a statement piece in her home, and planted the seeds for the lush Chalkology Pastes and Chalk Transfers to come.

What Is It

Chalk Couture is a fantastic collection of chalk pastes, permanent inks and silkscreen vinyl transfers (transfers are a sticky, durable, bendable stencil), plus a variety of chalkboards, canvases, bags and other surfaces that make creating your own home decor fun, easy and changeable. As you can see in the image above, you can chalk on anything!

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