May Club Couture is Lemony Sweet

It’s a new month and that means a new Club Couture transfer! Yay!! This month, it’s one of my favorite things to design with – LEMONS! They are the subject of many songs. They taste fantastic with water and honey or sugar. They make everything smell lovely. They’re cheerful and […]

Welcome Back Home to Chalk Couture!

We miss you! Having you among our family of Designers was just delightful. And when you left Chalk Couture™ things were never quite the same. Well, get this! During the month of May (beginning on May 3), we’re inviting all former Designers back, without the requirement of purchasing a new […]

Join Chalk Couture now! There’s a boost!

It’s almost May already. Can you believe it? Inching closer to summer time here in New Jersey, and I can’t wait to go Down the Shore and enjoy a little bit of Beach Therapy. It’s the boost I need to restart with some energy. Do you know what can give […]

Sign Making is So Easy With Chalk Couture.

Sign Making. It has certainly become a great side business for lots of people. It’s pretty labor intensive though, with the vinyl and weeding and trimming and painting and stuff. Then, on to the next on with the vinyl and weeding and trimming and painting and stuff all over again, […]


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