New Designs in Celebrations Suite 2022 Chalk Couture Catalog!

OH EM GEE!!! It’s here! The new Chalk Couture catalog 2022! Celebrations Suite catalog is here! I can’t believe it. Gotta run to my computer right now!! There are 25 brand new transfers featured in this catalog! There is a fabulous new kit, the Chalkmade Citrus Slice Tray kit. Make […]

Try and Love: Chalk Couture Try Me Kits

So you probably know, I am a Chalk Couture fangirl. It’s not just a hobby, but my career. ( and that’s another story. ) I remember jumping right in and creating, but some folks aren’t that confident I know. Ya kinda feel like Little Mikey’s brothers with the Life cereal. […]

4 Reasons April is a Big Deal

Ah, April. A month for new growth. A month for looking forward to summer. A month to change up your home decor for the season. It makes me think of that caterpillar guy Heimlich from the movie A Bug’s Life. I’m a BeeYOUTeefull Butterfly!! Now that is some serious believing […]

Make your own high end home decor!

I am a crafter. I admit it. I love making stuff. I love to fill my house with all the stuff I make. So it’s nice to know that there are times when, if I’m looking for something new to make and I am short on time. Or, if I […]

Fun Facts About Cleaning Chalk Couture Transfers

Let’s talk some important and fun facts about the proper cleaning and care of your Chalk Couture transfers. No Soaking Do not let transfers soak for a long time. Why? Well it’s kinda like when your tub soak runs too long and this happens Fun Fact: pruney fingers happen as […]


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