Happy Independence Day America.

It’s July 4th and in America, that means Independence Day! It’s our day to celebrate our freedom. It’s also a day of family gatherings, cook outs, parades and fireworks! This year being what it is, much of that has been postponed or cancelled, but I hope you can take some […]

Soda Fountain Transfer

So I recently got this Soda Fountain transfer and saw the Whatever Sprinkles Your cookies part and it brought up an age old debate: are they Sprinkles or are they Jimmies. Here in the Philly/South Jersey area, they are Jimmies, rainbow or chocolate…all Jimmies. Do yourself a favor and don’t […]

Happy As A Clam transfer

Happy as a Clam. What does that even mean. Do Clams have feelings? I suppose they just do their clam things, filtering water, making more clams… not really responsible for anything. I think the full wording of that saying goes: Happy as A Clam in High Water. Cos yes in […]

July Club Couture!

July has arrived and here in Jersey that means trips down the shore for most. There are plenty of other places to go here. I’m a couple of hours from the Pocono mountains, rafting and tubing on the Delaware, state parks with lakes and trails. It’s a great place to […]

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