Chalk Couture Designs Go Digital

So I’m sure at some point you’ve looked at Chalk Couture designs and thought, “Gee I wish I could easily cut out parts of that design to make something I want to make.” Well, dream come true… Chalk Couture now has Digital Files for select designs! Woohoo!! Whatever cutting machine […]

2023 Fall Chalk Couture is Here! My Favorite Five.

It’s that time again and I’m so glad I can finally share all the juicy deets and show you new Chalk Couture designs, surfaces and stuff! I’m so excited that I can show you my favorites! Let’s goooo…… Favorite Thing #1: NEW CHALKABLE SHAPES Chalk finally jumped on board the […]

Join Chalk Couture Today! Here’s why.

So here we are post post COVID. Thank goodness, right? I can only hope that we never again in my lifetime have to deal with something like that again -EVAR. I mean, who had doomsday scenario on their Bingo Card of Life? I know I didn’t. The next time I […]

Canadian Decor for the Great White North

Hopefully I don’t cause a kerfuffle here, but did you know Chalk Couture has decor just for folks in Canada? Yes they do. Go check out the Canadian designs they have in my store. There’s some really fun designs to choose from; here are just a couple. Pretty cool, eh? […]


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