Here’s Some Happy Hearts Stuffies for you.

Valentine’s Day is getting closer. I love me some Valentine’s decor. I’m currently filling my store with it, if you live near Audubon, NJ you can come check out in person. Crafty Couture Studio. People have been asking for finished tiered trays. It’s so easy to make pieces for your […]

Valentine’s Day Target Haul Part 1

So back to Bullseye’s Playground for the hauliest of hauls cos, yes, Valentine’s Day is a comin’. And boy is it, cos this is a two parter (for now). Target clearly did their research for this one. There’s so much fantastic stuff I can only hope to get more of. […]

Count Down the Days Til Christmas With Me

It’s a common Christmas tradition. Counting the days until Christmas. I’m going to show you a great way to do your own DIY Christmas countdown! Using the Days Til Christmas Countdown transfer, I chalked on an enamel tray I found and some Chalkable chips for the numbers. And, the best […]


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