Tip Tuesday: How We December with Chalk Couture.

So we’ve now crossed into December 2020. Thank the Lord Jesus 2020 is almost over. The good news, though is with every new month comes new announcements from Chalk Couture. How exciting! So here it is: the December Chalk Couture Deals. December Club Couture It’s here! The new Club Couture […]

Chalky Offers you need to get right now.

So we’re approaching the end of November 2020. Twenty Twenty…ugh! ONE MORE MONTH!!! Can I get a Hell Yeah?!? It can’t get any worse, right? Here’s hoping… In the meantime, listen to this; get on these Chalk Couture Black Friday Deals! November Club Couture last day! Today is the last […]

8 Days of Sales Woohoo!

So this is exciting. The fine folks at Chalk Couture are doing a thing and it’s fantastic. Two parts. First, look for the Holiday Hurry Up, then the Back in Black…Friday Holiday Hurry Up! The Holiday Hurry Up sale will feature fantastic holiday seasonal items just in time to make […]

Get This! Cut Outs to Shout About – Cut Out packs available now!!

Those fine folks at Chalk Couture have done it again. Not only have they come out with some really spiffy wooden cutouts to chalk on but now, they are offering some really fabulous bundles at great savings! Check out these cut outs to shout about!! Tag Pack Tag, you’re it! […]

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