How to Use Chalk Couture Products

Using Chalk Couture products is so easy. Just peel the transfer off the back sheet. Fuzz the sticky side a little so it’s not too grippy. Place it on your surface sticky side down. Run your paste loaded (but not too loaded) squeegee over the transfer. Then, gently peel up and wash the transfer. Voilà! This is how you use Chalk Couture products.

Or is it.

There are so many other things you can do. Multiple colors, layered, ombre’d, and more. Add an embellishment if you feel like it. Your only limit is your imagination!

How to use Chalk Couture Products

There are currently 350+ transfers to choose from with themes for nearly every holiday and season, plus some inspirational , sports, nursery, outdoor and, of course, farmhouse designs.

Take a look at my youtube channel for over 700 videos about designing with Chalk Couture. It’s so fun and easy to do, as you’ll see.

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