My Target Haul for Fall Part 1

It’s time for another Target Haul…yay!! One of my favorite things to do is round up some cool stuff from Bullseye’s playground. Most of the time Dollar Spot stuff is good as is, but if I want to change it up, it’s so easy to do with Chalk Couture. I’m […]

It’s My Spring/Summer Target Haul Part I!

And here we are, back at Target for Spring and Summer stuff. So far it seems the Year of the Pillow in the Land of Picture Frames. So many possibilities to chalk on. I’ll throw you some highlights here in this post, but you should check out the whole video, […]

Quick Target Haul Last of the Spring Stuff

I’m back in the Church of Bullseye again. The topic of today’s sermon is Spring Holiday and the Practical Stuff. On this Target Haul, I managed to pick up some things I’ve been trying to get hold of, so yay me! Here are some highlights: Glass Canisters were finally found, […]


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