Gone Fishing transfer

The Holidays will be here before you know it. I know, Jess. it’s July for Heaven’s sake. But wouldn’t it be nice to be ahead of the game for once? And, with Chalk Couture, there’s no need to depend on Amazon for everything, you can just personalize whatever you want […]

Philodendron Transfer on Pillow

I’m coming at you with another pillow today. This time, I’m going to use the Philodendron transfer. These leafy transfers look so cool on a patio chair or porch furniture. It especially makes me think of Florida. Like something I’d see on the lanai at the Golden Girls house, or […]

When Life Gives You Lemons transfer

Lemons have so many meanings. Yep, it’s still that yellow tangy fruit that flavors our tea, makes sugar and water taste better, gets sucked on after a shot of vodka… Lemons have also garnered a negative tone. Like a crappy vehicle that never works right off the lot? Lemon. And […]


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