When Life Gives You Lemons transfer

Lemons have so many meanings. Yep, it’s still that yellow tangy fruit that flavors our tea, makes sugar and water taste better, gets sucked on after a shot of vodka… Lemons have also garnered a negative tone. Like a crappy vehicle that never works right off the lot? Lemon. And […]

Sunshine On My Mind Transfer

I fell in love with the Sunshine On My Mind transfer cos it says it all to me. Sunshine On My Mind. I tend to look at the bright side of things. I accentuate the positive and I’ve been told I have a bubbly and bright personality. Then, there’s the […]

Father’s Day Throwback

So Father’s Day will be here soon – June 21 to be exact. And that means a father’s day gift. It’s not real easy getting an original gift for the guy who pretty much everything. Especially, if even some traditional gift doesn’t fit – like my hub getting a tie. […]

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