Porch Decor is an Easy Attractive DIY item for your Home Decor

Welcome Porch Signs. A trendy must have for any porch. This farmhouse decor item has been a thing for a few years now and doesn’t really show any signs of going away. Such a simple concept. A four by 5 or 6 with the word Welcome on it. ( or […]

Limited Sale on Chalk Couture Trick or Treat Banner

So once in a while those fine folks at Chalk Couture decide to blow up my world with a fabulous offer. This is one of those days, my friends. From Today, October 13th at 1PM Mountain Standard Time through Sunday October 17th while supplies last, you can get this Chalk […]

Fall is Almost Here. Time to Decorate!

So although I am a beach kinda girl, I still look forward to the pumpkin spice covered, flannel wearing, fire pit sitting time of year. You know, break out the S’mores and Cocoa. Put the Cinnamon Broom by the front door to knock everyone over with its glorious scent. It’s […]

My Target Haul for Fall Part 1

It’s time for another Target Haul…yay!! One of my favorite things to do is round up some cool stuff from Bullseye’s playground. Most of the time Dollar Spot stuff is good as is, but if I want to change it up, it’s so easy to do with Chalk Couture. I’m […]


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