About Me

Master Couturier Jessica Wilson is an achiever with heart who knows the payoff of hope and hard work! She’s a fun-loving, warm, and welcoming force-for-good. She loves spending summers at the South Jersey Shore by the beach, while working from her 27’ camper (no problem, they have wi-fi there)!

Jessica is a dedicated wife and mom of a fantastic 13-year-old son. Though her son was born from adversity and spent 21 days in newborn intensive care, she and her husband have strived to give him everything he needs. In the past, she’s worked multiple jobs to pay for therapy and care to bring him to the point of success today.

Jessica spent 17 years in the banking industry, most recently as an Anti-Money Laundering investigator (her dream job). Though it was her passion and she worked very hard to get there, she now has a new passion, and she appreciates that Chalk Couture allows her to be a full-time mom. She experienced a turning point in her Designership when she took a leap of faith—a 90-day leave without pay that paid off. She knew she wanted to be a leader, but it was at Leadership she discovered the impact and potential she could have. She set a goal to achieve Master Couturier and put it on her Vision board. She achieved her goal, and on October 15th she quit her job! Once she sets her mind to something she does it.

She is inspired by her husband, son, mom, and her Team! She stays motivated by watching her Team grow and succeed! When they are excited, she is excited and celebrates with them, and she’s thankful for the amazing friendships she has developed through Chalk Couture. Setting goals and crushing them is Jessica’s specialty! She recently held an all day CHALK-A-THON to raise money for Watts of Love. She feels beyond blessed that she has the means to give back!

Her advice is to share the love—don’t prejudge or assume that someone doesn’t want to hear about Chalk Couture. Never miss the chance to offer the amazing opportunity to make extra money, develop friendships, and feed your creative soul, while still allowing you time for your highest priorities.

Her all-time favorite color on our palette was Caribbean, as it reminded her of summer and the beach. Now Pumpkin Pie is her jam! Her favorite project lately includes the “Believe” on a Box Frame and a jingle bell—it reminds her of The Polar Express!

Jessica claims that the three words to describe her are, “crazy, hot, mess,” but we’re sure that also means “multi-tasker on fire!”
Thank you Jessica, for sharing your light, love, and energy through Chalk Couture.


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