Pillow Talk. Wink transfer

Time for some pillow talk. Not the classic Doris Day Rock Hudson kind of Pillow Talk. Also not the kind you have with your significant other after a long, hard day. I’m talking about making your own fun pillows with Chalk Couture and the Wink Transfer! I instantly fell in […]

Bloom Transfer on Banner

So those who know me, know that I’m not a fan of flowers. Aside from a black thumb (ask my assistant, I killed succulents), I also forbid my hub to give me flowers. They look great for a little while then, they’re dead. Brown, shriveled, crumbly dead. I know, however, […]

Father’s Day Throwback

So Father’s Day will be here soon – June 21 to be exact. And that means a father’s day gift. It’s not real easy getting an original gift for the guy who pretty much everything. Especially, if even some traditional gift doesn’t fit – like my hub getting a tie. […]

Wife. Mom. Boss. Transfer on Tank Top

I’m sure many of us find ourselves fitting right into those titles, these days especially. Now, more than ever we’ve found ourselves taking control and keeping the family boat afloat while pushing harder than ever to keep a home based business afloat cos it might be the only income your […]

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