Chalk Couture Creamy Dreamy Chalk Paste is Divine to Work With.

Back in March, Chalk Couture launched a new formula for their Chalkology Paste! I have to tell you my experience working with it the past couple of months. It’s the new Creamy Dreamy chalk paste.

Easy to Work With

Just the epitome of the perfect texture for chalk paste. I know a lot of R & D went into perfecting this stuff and it has paid off. It is crazy wonderful; I feel like Snuffles the Dog after getting a treat. No more chunks, lumps or clumps to deal with. I’ve not really had to break up any clods of paste. Heck, I barely even have to stir it. They don’t call it Creamy Dreamy chalk paste for nothing. I find I use a lot less, which means it will last longer...bonus!

It’s also more workable. It spreads easily and squeegies glide like buttering hot corn on the cob. Just make sure to have your transfer securely down on your surface so there’s no bleed, which is more likely with this new formula.

Easy to Clean Up

With a slightly thinner consistency than before, this paste doesn’t dry as fast as it used to. That’s good in that you can move at a relaxed pace and be a little more precise. One thing I will add; I find myself having to use the Board Eraser on my transfer when I’m cleaning it. It must stick to the mesh of the screen a little more since the paste isn’t as thick as it was.

Color Variety

Chalk Couture always studies color trends and comes out with new colors with each catalog release. This is the Pantone color of the year for 2021; pretty spot on of Chalk Couture with putting out a yellow I think. Coordinate with Greige or Shimmer Silver and you are most definitely on trend.

The colors Chalk Couture currently offers can be found here, but here’s a visual for you: the Summer Colors for 2021:

Chalkology Paste Summer Colors 2021

From the top, Golden Hour, Pistachio, Shimmer Splash, Tulip and Shimmer Melon. You read that right…Two. New. Shimmers!

Check out the project I did using the Shimmer Melon. It went great with Storm, as you can see.

I can’t wait to do more projects with the new colors and the new Chalkology paste!

Stay Safe and Chalk on


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