Fall Wishes Trio Transfer on Door Tags

Here’s another on trend project for ya: Door Tags. Chalk Couture even has them available as a surface you may acquire, smart cookies that they are.

So you’ve left the safety of your rock and you’re wondering, what’s a door tag? Well it’s exactly like what it sounds. Big wooden things that look like price or luggage tags that you can personalize and decorate to your liking.

Here’s what Chalk Couture has:

Pretty nice, huh? I feel like I’ve used them for every possible season and design, but why not another one? And they’re like potato chips: you can’t just have one. Anywho, I had lots of fun with all sorts of shimmer paste, including painting a whole tag with it. So fun and shiny!

Check out the video below to see how much fun I had with this project.

Stay Safe and Chalk on!


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