Here’s Why You Should Join Chalk Couture with me

So this past week was our annual Chalk Couture Chalk Convention, or Chalk Con. It was certainly different this year, being virtual, but it was still so exciting to witness all the fantastic goals that were met, and exceeded.

If you think you might want to join Chalk Couture, I have some important information for you to browse before making your final decision. If you’re not, I’m here to tell you why you should consider becoming a Chalk Couture Designer with me on my team, the Crafty Chalkers.

Ground Floor Opportunity with a strong, growing company.

Chalk Couture is still a growing and expanding company, having just started up in 9 provinces of Canada. The market is far from saturated, only on year 3 of existence and still so much room for growth. Now is the time to join Chalk Couture.

Brand New Designer Kit

Jump on the Chalk Couture Train now and you’ll start with fresh new products! The new Designer Kit was recently released and it’s chock full of chalky goodness and tools you need to get started on your chalk journey.

The kit includes:

Designer Start-Up Guide, Spring/Summer Catalog 2020, Thank You Cards (12-Pack), Chalk Couture™ Apron, Small Squeegee, 7 Chalk Transfers™ (Various Sizes), Loveliest Smile (A), Botanicals Collection—Live In The Moment (A), Beautifully, Rare Minis (B), Apple Of My Pie (B), Business Builder Chalk Transfer™ Design—Ask Me How (B), Business Builder Chalk Transfer™ Design—Join My Team (B), Club Couture™ Transfer Of The Month (B), 5 Chalkology™ Pastes (3 US Fl. Oz. Jars), Bright White, Candy Apple, Colonial Blue, Pesto, Shimmer Copper, Couture Gallery™ Board Aiden White Frame (9” × 12”), Couture Boutique™ Board & Base (5 ½” X 7 ½”), Couture Boutique™ Chalkable Chips (Black, 12-Pack, 3″, Round)Retail Value Of Approximately $250 USD.Contents Subject To Change.

Get this kit and get started for only $99 USD/ $129 CAD. That’s an unheard of inexpensive start to a business!

Amazing Compensation Plan

Can you make a business out of Chalk Couture? Absolutely. As with any job, you get out what you put in. With just a quick glance here, you can see just how generous the company is, the biggest of which is an amazing 40% commission on you own orders! While my results may not be typical, I was able to leave my banking career and make Chalk Couture my full time business in about a year’s time.

Award Winning Leader and Team

Joining with me and becoming a Crafty Chalker means you’re joining one of the biggest teams in Chalk Couture. That means you’ll get tons of support as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience to make your business a success right from the start from an award winning team and Master Couturier. I’m just cuckoo for Chalk Couture. I make myself available for personal consultation, and have an almost endless supply of reference material, tutorials and videos for you to use free of charge. This year, my team was THE TOP (NUMBER ONE!) in team volume for teams with 750-1250 members! THE BEST!! Below are other award my team and I achieved this year.

Kinda hard to beat that, right?

So what are you waiting for? Join me today!! in the USA or CANADA

Stay safe and Chalk on!


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